Sunday, July 8, 2012

Born free slimsfab

Well the month leading up to the show was a hustle. Just when i thought i had it licked my truck took a shit! sooooo the ol ladys honda civic grew a bike rack!!! NO SHIT,actually some SHIT,I fabbed up a rack that attaches to the frame of the car and loaded the not running yet haymaker onto it and headed out. The rack took about 2 hours and 40.00 bucks worth of pittsburg steel to accomplish! The show was a blast,stayed with my bud John&Emillys,Shot the shit with alotta cool cats,sipped on an array of beers,and enjoyed a day off!!!! In the pics you can see Ruben ,me,and Buddy havin a cold one. By the way, today me and the ol lady fired up the fuckin haymaker and it sounds pretty spicy!!! CHEERS MOTHER FUCKERS! SLIM 951 217 8814


  1. Hey Slim I met you at BornFree and your one cool Mofo. Man you are really turning out some nice looking evosportys, very impressive. Hey I'm gonna need to see and hear some video of that bad-ass haymaker doing a nice burnout when you get a chance.
    Take care man.

  2. Josh, that will hopefully happen this week,im learing how to do a video,had a good time chillin with you and your guys,i need a shovel to use your parts on or i will have to toss em on a customer bike!They are the beez neez!!! Slim