Tuesday, August 23, 2011

slims fab mods for VIBES mag Yoshi

Yoshi came by with some fab needed on his Iron head,The hard tail was a weldon style installed by someone else,we did the tank work oil and fuel tanks, rear fender,bars and light bracket. the off the wall part is the triumph rear 18 inch wheel I machined some parts to make it work.. hope you enjoy the pics. Just a reminder all the bikes we do fab work on arent completely built by us,If you see a bike for sale that is advrtised as a Slimsfab build please feel free to text or call me I have A sheet on every bike built here, Thanks Slim 951 217 8814

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Slims fab sporty chop for Riverside Alex

This is riverside Alexs sportster,since i have come in contact with Alex and his very loved sportster he has been in contact with me getting little by little done to his bike. All the fabrication was done here at the fab farm, as well as the paint(medium metallic green with the frame laquer black satin sheen laquer clear).Alex rides this bike everywhere so you will see it at alot of so cal events. I posted a pic of him and his son as he is a proud dad and a dedicated family man! Thanks for the business and the friendship Alex! SLIM

slims fab hardtail for Will

Hey there ! these are some pics of Wills xs 650 1981,there is one shot of it stock and some shots of the fabrication we did here at SLIMS FAB FARM located here in Redlands ,CA! this bike got the hardtail treatment,a faux oil tank that acts as a wiring stash which also holds the battery,a fender radiused to fit the tire, some curved struts,a sporty tank with lots of floor work and a new wider tunnel,seat pan,and installed the forward controls. Hope you like the pics,WORK TO LIVE,LIVE TO WORK!SLIM

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Slims fab shop van

The new .... SHOP VAN!!! what to do,What to doooo???? finally got a new shitbox to ruin. Any one can restore, it takes a real m/f to chop one. Im fuckin sick of seeing these so called customs with no metal work or LITTLE fabrication, it takes more than paint and vintage bolt-on bullshit (that anyone with money can buy)to build and drive or ride a TRUE CUSTOM !!! Please for fuck sake ruin something of great value it becomes even more important,try it youll see.... we live in a country where we are able to do shit like this.TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE, SLIM! AMERICA FUCK YEAH! 951 217 8814 slims fabrication

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Slimsfab frame for Danny

This is a sporty frame we highly modified for Danny in so cal. He wanted a lowwww bike, a stock length fork, a nice oil bag,and some bars that would look right with the prism tank we are fabricating for him.This is what we came up with when he let us go with those guidelines, hope you like the photos... by the way thats my new shop rig in the backround ...1964 econo! Live and Die a PROUD AMERICAN, Bleed RED, WHITE and BLUE !!! ,SLIM

Monday, August 1, 2011

Slims fab Rubens knucklehead

This is Rubens knucklehead, if you have been on my blog before you saw this a few or more blogs back, the frame was chopped in a way different than most V L bigtwin deals. The bottom of the frame is four fingers low to the ground and is de raked! Ruben is an extremely good builder with an eye for artistic detail different from anyone ive ever come into contact with,we got the honor of doing his framework on the old V L frame to shoehorn the big knuckle in, have a look! His first ride was from lawndale cali to barona cali a three hour truck with a few loose shifter bolts! yeee haaaw!! Thanks again for the work, SLIM,....... If you are new to my blog please see older posts at the bottom of each page it goes back for YEARS!