Sunday, April 22, 2012

Slimsfab Haymakin Mutherfucker!!

My Haymaker is about ready for paint and chrome two things I dont usually do,I will be riding it to BORN FREE,Cant wait to hang out with all yall, SLIM 951 217 8814

slimsfab haymakin muther fucker

Almost time to be droppin HAYMAKERS street race style. Bike is just about ready for a shakedown then the shiny shit.she weighs 265 lbs and makes Who knows for H.P. YET? This bike will be my rider,its been a long time coming.SLIM 951 217 8814

Friday, April 20, 2012

Negotiable Tim stops into slimsfab

To anyone who doesnt know Tim from NEGOTIABLE PARTS you havent seen big rig trailers full of great VINTAGE HARLEY shit! Tim stopped in and we talked about old times,and alot of shit was talked on our failing government and the last time we were locked up by THE MAN! Back in school i used to ride my bmx to riverside to buy misc harley parts only to bring them to school and tell my buddys I HAVE REAL HARLEY PARTS!!! funny how they really didnt give two shits....Now I get the privelage to fab on some really nice bikes,Find Tim for your hard to get Harley part at the Long Beach Swap.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

slimsfab hangin out after HIPPY KILLER

Hippy Killer was a great time! Thank you to Kutty and family,Lisa Ballard,and all those involved in putting on a great show! The night before Kevin Hog,Doug,and John came out and camped the night at the farm.We stayed up late finishing bikes,some of the Never Readys rolled through,Lucky and Aaron. After the show...Ruben,John,and Jordan hung out for a BBQ. In one of the shots you can see Rubens 48 knuck,he rides this fuckin beauty everywhere!! Thanks again to all it was a great time,SLIM

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

slimsfab seat from Duane Ballard

This is the seat for my new build,Duane Ballard did the flawless leather on it.I just handed my pan over to him told him a little about the build and KAHFUCKINBAMM! Badd ass seat! thats how shit should always work.THANK YOU DUANE for the BEST HANDCRAFTED SEAT I COULD EVER ASK FOR!! ,SLIM

Slimsfab Xs 650 for Mark

Mark is a Inland Empire local,he picked up this XS 650 and wanted a simple "street chopper" This bike received a hard tail with some ground clearance for good cornering capabilities,a faux oil tank to house the electrics and lithium battery,a frisco styled sporty with a crowned cap,radiused fender, swept struts,some K bars,slims fab mids (used harley clutch cable instead of sloppy,and ugly linkages)shaved fork legs,shaved lower tree,and pipes.this bike will be receiving a two to one intake with an 883 cv carb this week.THANK YOU FOR THE WORK and SUPPORTING a LOCAL AMERICAN OWNED SHOP MARK, SLIM 951 217 8814

slimsfab rubbermount sporty for Chris

This is a 2008 sporty I did for a guy named Chris in the san diego area.The bike received a hardtail,oil bag,batt tray with hold down,a few electrics stashes for all the B.S.,set of pipes,handle bars,sissy bar,plte and light mount,chain conversion, tabbed the tank,and mounted his led sled fender,by the way the stretch is 4 inches ...he aint a little shit, sooo we gave him some room to breath.All the steel work was laquer cleared so it wont flash rust while he shakes it down,THANK YOU FOR THE WORK CHRIS, SLIM 951 217 8814 BUY AMERICAN OR DIE!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

SlimsFab 41 mm NARROW TREES

These are trees made here at the Fab Farm to convert that Wide glide front end to a "SKINNY GLIDE"!!! Just bolt em on your rig andslip in your 41 mm fork tubes and off you go.They come polished or raw with stainless hardware.My thinking was ,the 41mm fat legs make the tire look even more pinched between the forks when they are narrowed than running a stock 35mm narrowglide,AND wide glides are really cheap right now soooo.....Here is the answer,slims fab 951 217 8814. The trees are in stock now ready to ship.

Slimsfab narrowing a DNA springer

This front end came in on a west coast chopper CFL bike from Bobby at AMERICAN SPEED CO.He wanted the front end narrowed,I figured if I am gonna narrow it,its gonna be at least 2 inches skinnier! So I Cut it apart and put it back together losing the 2 inches.He then wanted the GIANT fucking tire to fit the fender better....So I remounted his fender tighter and built him a crown style sissy to match his company logo! The tank is a narrowed up,and friscoed 1997 sporty tank with a crowned cap.This bike will be ridden to the laughlin soon,chromed and repainted.I am not always working on stuff I am nuts about, but If you can see through all the hated/trendy/fat tire/skinny tire,Bullshit.....Fabrication is fabrication,I build it and put passion into every part as if it were my own,SLIM 951 217 8814 LIVE TRUE RED,WHITE,AND BLUE!!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Slimsfab 41 mm narrowglide for Never readys own Lucky

Here is some shots of luckys sporty. This bike was dangerously ground clearance challenged.I removed his super short springer and installed one of my SLIMS FAB NARROW TREES built for 41mm wide glide legs,shoved a little longer fork tubes in em and shaved the lower legs to make em clean.With the front end longer and sufficient ground clearance,then came mounting his fender strong( three places ),built a nice sissy from 5/8" solid bar mounted his plate and light on it,fabbed him a frisco style tank and crowned the cap,fabbed him a seat pan,Bent him up some clean rabbit ears,and fixed his serious chain alighnment issue (from the previous owner/builder?). since I already fabbed him the pipes he is ready to do a mild shakedown run and rip ol rusty apart for paint!!! Thanks to Lucky and all the NEVER READYS for the work!, SLIM 951 217 8814 Contact me for your set of 41mm NARROW GLIDE TREES, they are good in stock.