Monday, September 26, 2011

slimsfab roll cage for rob

This is robs susuki samurai he needed a roll cage because he plans on failing at rock crawling or streetdriving his spooled diff.The cage i built with 120 wall, inch and a half tube I fitted it to 1/8th plate welded to the floor to keep it from poking through the floor in a roll over.(we didnt go through the floor to the frame to keep the body removeable)hope you like the pics! SLIM this aint bike stuff but i do specialize in fabrication and all kinds of it.... 951 217 8814 slim, phone is off sat and sunday.

slimsfab framemod for mike

Mikes dyna comes here to the fab farm every now and then for a small mod that usually sets mike away from the crowd. This time he thought it would be cool to have a tube under the friscoed tank like an older bike to make his apear more traditional! cool deal mike thanks for having me handle the fab, you can see this bike on too. thanks for checking out my blog,slim

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Slimsfab ironhead two to one performance pipe

Here is a set of two to one pipes i built for ironhead application , they are great performers through the whole rpm range,When you go to this style design the performance curve is alot smoother across the board and is a touch more quiet!If you are looking for shitty loud and dont care about performance these are NOT for you ,SLIM..... to some of us disturbing the piece is just as important as a quick bike, I like both!, thats why I ride TWO STROKES!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

slimsfab pipes

Some pipes fabbed here at the farm,These were built for Eric out of moreno valley ,ca on his craftech build hope you like the pics, we call these pipes dumps they hug the motor close and are a hassle free short design! SLIM

Friday, September 16, 2011

slimsfab streetsweeper button rag top for Casey

Hey there this is our old shop van built here at slims fab,Casey Moir is the owner of it now he drives the stink out of this thing and it was time to change a few things to his taste,he stopped it to get the top glass removed from the roof and wanted a clean piece rolled out for the area above the drivers bay. We also framed out the whole rear roof section and ribbed the edge to accept a button rag top! Case has recently purchaced a BDS 671 blower set up for the fiesty beast! look forward to seeing it, if you see Casey out and about in the van give him a shout he is a great guy!,SLIM if you would like to see me driving wheelies in this thing check out you tube ,slims fabrication wheelie van it is only 7 seconds long ,but cool!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

slimsfab bars

These bars were built for a customer in San Jose,I have built alot of different versions of this bar you can see a set in this months horse Backstreet choppers rag in th BornFree show on the green tanked xs650 owned by a guy named Nori,After building this particular bike with Nori ,it won best metric at last years David Mann chopperfest, thanks for reading my blog ,Slim

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

slimsfab big evo chop for Luis

Luis came to see me with a 1990s pro street abortion of a bike that he purchaced from a private party,He wanted a classic style chopper that could be rode two up and with a sissy bar strong enough to hold his bmx bycycle on, all the fab was done here, pipes ,oiltank,battbox,sissybar, brakes fitted seat mounted tank built, etc... this bike is powered by a S&S big inch powerplant and 5 speed,for endless cruiseability! hope you enjoy the pics! Work Hard,Play Hard... the AMERICAN WAY!,SLIM

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

slimsfab oil bag for The Eddie Cleveland

Eddie came to me needing an oil bag that has greater capacity, he left with this one it came out cool,and the fender mounted solid, happy riding Eddie, slim

Monday, September 12, 2011

slimsfab parts for pacific coast Mike

Here are a few tanks and bars made here at slimsfab to be put on prop bikes built by pacific coast cycles, these tanks will end up on the Affliction prop bikes.hope you like the pics!Slim

Sunday, September 11, 2011

slimsfab shovel head for AMERICAN SPEED CO

Here is a shovelhead that we put together for Bobby at AMERICAN SPEED CO in ontario ,CA, all the fabrication and wiring was done here at slimsfab in redlands ,ca. Bobby also stocks a full line of our custom parts at his shop he will be having a grand opening in october i will let you know the details when i get the exact date. Bobby can be reached at 909 917 9736,we do fabrication for him and he can get you most any part you need for your harley davidson motorcycle, he also offers full builds to basic repair. Thanks for checking my blog you can reach me at 951 217 8814 hours 900 am to 600 pm mon-fri ,SLIM

Friday, September 2, 2011

slimsfab flat track pipes for Tony

This is Tonys ironhead,he asked me to build him two sets of tracker pipes, this is what he lft with, kind of like xr pipes but for a 1000 ironhead hope you like! if you havent visited my blog before,at the bottom of the page click on older goes back for years. My contact # is 951 217 8814 text is better if you need fab work , phone is off on the weekends, SLIM

Thursday, September 1, 2011

slimsfab nanook "the dragmaster"

My Dragmaster dt400 2 stroke powered dragbike, frame started life as a swingarm from a harley i narrowed,its fast. If anyone reading this has cut me off on the freeway in the last couple of days is lucky i am a bad shot, but my shotgun is now 10 inches long! i wont miss,no really i am sick and fucking tired of inconsiderate drivers, you arent any more important than anyone else on the road.... FUCKERS! i can say that i am a free fucking American! Red White and Blue!, SLIM