Saturday, September 25, 2010

sanger flatbottom

This is a shot of a sweet sanger flat bottom wood deck, i found it while searching for boat parts and thought you would like it. Thanks to all that have kept me busy enough to make a living and enough to build our new shop it is almost finished. It measures 18 X 30 and is located on my compound (the fab farm). My next post will have a pile of fab shots. I will strive to buy American and support local and family owned business which will hopefully start with one person and continue to rebuild our countires economy one American at a time! SLIM

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Slims fab Purple haze

These are some shots of my V drive flat bottom boat when i first brought it home! It looks a little different now, thought you might like to see something other than business, I am currently building the engine that will share duties with my crosley project, that means at least 3 or 4 motor swaps a year, thats how us low budget mother fuckers do. The engine is a big block chrysler,with lots of induction, and compression.The v drive is vintage casale. The poly primer should be here by the end of the week ( thanks Ian!) Drag boats represent our American culture in ways of, useless, wastefull,Badass fuckin shit that makes you smile so big your face hurts! Much like choppers and drag cars,double Quarter pounders and Half gallon cokes!CHEERS to our herritage, SLIM