Friday, July 27, 2012

slimsfab xs for Eric

This is Eric from chino, cal. and his xs650 He brought his bike in for A hardtail,fender,sissy,seatpan, bars,electrics stash tank,batt tray, pipes,and gas tank. this bike came to the fab farm with the engine partially disassembled,and mostly a complete stocker stripped down but not cut in any way. This is how he left.He did ask for specifics like low mounted tank,keystone bars,pipes like big Ks,and 2 inches of stretch...we will see him on the road soon! Thanks for the work Eric! All of our materials here at the fab farm are purchased from small family owned outfits to keep up growth in local business,HELP GROW OUR COUNTRY!!! SLIM 951 217 8814

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