Monday, April 26, 2010

slimsfab shoptour by de palma Kris

Random cool shit

This is some random cool shit,Arthurs sporty with no engine,Gil Fabian and his O.I.F. bsa showing us we are number one,The DE PALMA bike I built in my dining room,and a shot of the StreetSweeper pre Vdrive, ENJOY! Usually I only post Fabrication shots if that bores you,FUCK OFF and start your own blog! I do this because I AM A FREE AMERICAN, take advantage of this while we have some rights left,SLIM

Iron head hardtail for Harry

This is the beginning stages of my weld on ironhead hardtail,This prticular one is for harry at Indocycles in Upland ,Ca ,This bike will soon have a one off oil bag,fender, bars,and tank,by me.Watch for this bike on the blog soon! Thank you for checking out my blog,Bleed Red,White,and Blue, but FUCK the system!!!,SLIM

Johns Streetfighter

This is Johns sporty, its a 94 big bore with n4 cams and lots more! He resides in las vegas,so a front brake is mandatory!!! This chop included,hard tail with 4 inches ground clearance,rear fender,sissy bar,oil bag,bettery box,seat pan and petrol tank mods! I mounted everything secure and strong! Take a look at some of the different and unique ways I chose to mount this stuff! The oil bag and rear fender share mounting hardware That tube through the frame,the lower fender mounts match design,the sissy bar mounts to the frame via tube scalloped around the frame in the shape of teardrops.John will be on the "long ride" to the smokeout east,N.Carolina!!!! Thanks for the privelage to work on such a sweet sporty!!, I enjoyed it! LIVE and DIE a PROUD AMERICAN, SLIM

Sunday, April 25, 2010

De Palma bike

The DePalma bike is just about done I am currently removing motor parts for polishishing and getting the "little shit" worked out, that is often overlooked.It will be announced on the 30th who won,check out the new De Palma site!SLIM

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vic Blacks trump

This is Vics 77 O.I.F trump, it got a hardtail, fender,sissy and motor mount mods,just fabbed him up some bars too! after the tank gets mods ,I will post some more pics! ENJOY..... your freedom! SLIM

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vic Greens trump

This is Vics 69 trophy he needed a rear fender and a sissy bar, thats what he left with, a proper fitting fender and sissy! he also wanted a battery kinda hidden, take a look, SLIM

Monday, April 19, 2010

favorite places

These are two places that I love to spend time, workin on my Van and spendin time in the shop,this is a shot of my wall of sanity in my shop, family ,friends,pieces of good memories and cool parts! Everyone needs a cluster fuck wall to make you smile no matter how life is treating you!!!! red white and blue, you should have a wall like this before our fucking government outlaws it!!! , love this country hate our government,SLIM

going for a putt

This is my release.I get to hit the canyon I live in at blistring speeds on my yz 490 powered wannabe indian, its about as indian as I need! this one fuckin hauls ass,most others crawl! Thank you for checkin out my blog, I do more shop time than you would probly beleive so it leaves little time to find a comptr to post on! I will try to keep the pics rollin, WORK TO LIVE ,LOVE TO WORK! SLIM

seppuku the trike

I got a request for some pics of the trike a short while ago.... these pics are taken by a talented Japanese photographer named Take Hayashi, thank you Taki, SLIM