Tuesday, July 24, 2012

slims fab Stay gold O.G.

This is my first actual build back in the day!I got the frame from Negotiable Tim when I was young,It has had many different engine combos...yamaha,suzuki,honda,all sorts....the frame was meant for a shovel HD but I could never scrounge up the dough. So before it was common to run Jap motors(other than cb750), i thought I would do something different and run my yz 400 in it. It was beat and beat by me daily.I started to build bikes on the side to save up for the Shovel motor I never got,I rode this bike a long time in raw form before One of my strong influences (other than Shinya) at the time had just passed away...Johnny Vasco(johnny Chop) , they were having a memorial at the queen mary so i tore it down and re coated the bike in his honor Black and gold symbolizing His "Stay Gold" motto/way of life.I toured this bike to the horse "smoke outs and such events. After grenading the motor in the burnout box, I parked it in my home to rest.I have had this bike in my posession for 10 years and some.I have recently sold it to its current owner Casey Moir,the same guy that rolls the streetsweeper( my old Chevy V drive van). So The reason for this story is I have had numerous phone calls asking me Did you build this bike? Well fuck yes i did,a long time ago... And yes that is a chain driven chevy alternator....... SLIM 951 217 8814


  1. sure I first saw it in an issue of The Horse, blew my brain, still does.

  2. Casey was in a video from Born Free 4 saying he had it built