Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Street Sweeper

Every day is like friday! My van is rollin again and this shit eases the nerves! When you work seven days a week,friday night is like a vacation! A cold PBR hot carne on the grill,a bike to thrash or my van to flog!Diggin life and lovin the freedom we have,Us AMERICANS are very wastefull in our culture especialy with our crazy toys, choppers,race cars, show cars,drag boats,you name it and we will blow money to do it or have it! live true, RED,WHITE,and BLUE!!! SLIM

The holy grail

My holy grail of tanks! took a bit of time to build! Bsa flip cap! hope you like it, if you dont I dont fucking care! That is your choice as a free AMERICAN! maybe not so free for so long, so enjoy it while we got it!I strive for AMERICAN Revolution!!!,SLIM

Dougs sporty

This is Dougs 1000cc ironhead built by Kevin Hogan and Doug! I was able to help out during a chop session on saturday! While they test fired the bike that hadnt been fired in 15 years , I built some pipes for it and fitted the tank that I had previously built for the bike! It is slowly coming together! Kevin Hogan has a cool blog, it is at kevin hogans first blog, check it out , SLIM

A hard days work

A hard days work pays off! A couple of bobs, a wassel, and a sporty! SLIM

Oscars narrow bobs

These are a couple tanks that received heavy mods! I removed 2 inches from them and kept the stock floors to retain the fit on the bike relative to the heads on the engine! Take a look! lots of fun!!!The lower sides were sectioned and the tops had to be shrunk and stretched to fit!!Thanks to Oscar for the work,we will see you and David soon! ,SLIM

the street sweeper

The streetsweeper made it to the long beach swap finally!It has been daily driven since it has been runnin again! The bottle shot will be operational soon, a 125 shot of nitrous should help! I removed the crazy 456:1 gears in favor of a more streetable and driver freindly, 355:1 gear, however wheelies arent as easy! hence nitrous use to ease the pain! well happy choppin , you can love our country and hate our government at the same time!!, I do!!! SLIM

Monday, March 22, 2010

Arthurs 85 ironhead

This is 818 Arthurs 85 iron thats right the last fuckin year! Even the frame carries evo style! looking through the pics you can see what an abortion the rear section of frame was! the rest of the bike matched! after I hard tailed it I fitted a form fitting fender to it carefully mounting it to retain a tight look, then built him some sweet ass bars,and a tank to match! I am currently working on the oil bag and hookin up a 21 front! hope ypu like the pics,and no I dont really give a fuck if they are sideways or what the fuck ever,I give a fuck about IMPORTANT things such as BUYING AMERICAN, you should too! slim ...red ,white and blue all day long!!!!!

This is Harrys gs550

Thi is Harry, he runs Indo cycles in Upland ,CA he brought me his suzuki gs550 and asked what to do to taste fully chop it, within a few of his own guide lines this is what I came up with, it now has a nicely modified sporty tank frisco style,the build included a hardtail, brake stay,dummy oil bag to hide electrics with battery box attached,seat pan,frame clean up near steering head,and a cool set of bars ,enjoy the pics!!! live proud to be an American,or get the fuck out! ,SLIM

De Palma sheet metal

After I mocked up the giveaway bike,the parts I built(fuel tank,oil bag, and fitted fender)got a skim coat of filler by me and a rough sand,it is headed out for paint,you can now see the tank on De Palmas site,take a look!SLIM

gils pipes

I fabbed these pipes for gils sporty out of a bunch of spare used pipe sets,then he had the carb jetted and presto,not just loud ,but fucking fast too! SLIM

Monday, March 1, 2010

dirt nap

Cycle Source is a BaddAss magazine run by people like you and me, people that ride,and enjoy thier little bit of time in this sweet country.The Editor Chris sweats it out every month to put out one of the greatest mags offered to the American public,everyone from the photographers to the writers are top notch people.The tech features are super cool and the articles are well written! They support American business from the little guys to the big hitters in our industry! This month they did shop tour of my hole in the wall,Thanks to Lisa Ballard for the great pics!,thanks to Mike D. for the write up,and last but not least a big Thank you to Chris Callen the editor for featuring my hard work, and running one of the BEST mags available to us! If you dont currently read Cycle Source, you should check it out, you wont find yourself on the shitter without it! slim

De Palma giveaway bike

This is some shots of fab work i have done for De Palma clothing Co. giveaway bike, The motor mount I fabbed received new locking hardware,The pipes started life as a biltwell kit,and the tank was a narrowed mustang,everything is pretty much leaving for chrome and paint on wednsday of this week and i will be painting the frame and final assembly upon return of parts! If you havent register to win this bike on De Palma Clothing blog! ITS FUCKING FREE just go enter! You can see my live shop tour on their blog too! SLIM

Big K s XS 650

Thes are some shots of Kabblahs XS650 Ive been cuttin on! got the springer almost wrapped up, its really narrow,the pipes are visiting the nickel plater,and the front legs are bent but not installed! Big K I hope you like it! It will be a hell of a bike soon enuff! Slim

the wolf pack

Jake and Eli Wolf came out to visit and drop off this 68 sporty for a looptail hardtail,it came out sweet these cats are from the San Diego area, and Eli has his sporty in this months bad ass edition of Cycle Source magazine,along with my shop visit photographed by Lisa Ballard, and written by the late great Mike D himself! Thanx to all, I love you fuckers! SLIM

the streetsweeper is alive

Well the shitbox runs and drives! It has been a long road! now it is small block mopar powered,It needed less wheelstanding ballast out back for driveability so the boat anchor big block was ditched! Now sporting lots of gear, converter, and R.P.M. potential,via high reving small block!I forked over a big chunk of hard earned greenbacks for a fresh 10 degree casale V-drive fully polished to handle the daily driven beatings I give this bitch! The new unit as a whole(the complete drivetrain)is really sweet and will be flogged like a fuckin stepchild! You have my guaratee! keep an eye on the blog for an upcoming video! Red,White,and Blue all day long!SLIM