Thursday, November 11, 2010

Slimsfab frame for Pat

This is a frame we built for Pat, it doesnt have a stright tube in it, but all curved tubes! If you look close you can see that you fill fuel through the top of the backbone,and it travels to the tank through the frame! Pat just had us shorten the springer and set it up for a 23 inch spool front wheel!! Sweet!! Thanks for the work Pat, and just a reminder if you are trying to reach me for your fabrication needs you can text message me at 951 217 9303 my desolate place of living keeps my phone from working efficiently,please text only! Special thanks to OL skool rods for the feature on the Streetsweeper wheelie van!!!KEEP ON KEEPIN ON ALL YOU WORKING CLASS AMERICANS!! THANKS FOR CHECKIN OUT MY BLOG!!!SLIM

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

slimsfab van on hot rod havoc 4

This is the trailer for Hot Rod Havoc 4 , Mark and Arie are known for these baddass videos that they put together, Two Wheel Terrors is also put together by these dudes! If you havent heard of these videos you should check them out, They get me fuckin pumped on fabbin and beating the mess out of my ride!!! They included my Trike in the last two wheel terrors, and my ol Streetsweeper in the new HOT ROD HAVOC 4 !!! This video release party is the night of november 20 and all the info on this party cn be found on their site HOT ROD Watch for the Green Van!! And just fuckin show up..... RED,WHITE,and BLUE all day long! SLIM

slims fab pipes for Duane Ballards FUNKENSTIEN

Hey ! ITS BEEN WHILE! I have some recent fab shots for you and hopefully can keep posting, i have been very busy and we are now working in the NEW SHOP! These are some shots of Duanes new pipes we built him,Funkenstien is now completely restored to show quality for Mooneyes in Japan, Duane rides his shit so dont hate! Any way he needed pipes that would clear the ground in turns so thats what he got, have a look,the outer pipes are higher than the inside ones for clearance.As always I used a biltwell kit !!! Thanks for checking my blog,Slim