Friday, March 30, 2012

Slimsfab skinny bobs for Tyler

Here are some tanks that started out as stock bob tanks.I narrowed them one and an eighth inches per side (total oftwo and a quarter inches trimmed), I then shaved the dash opening and closed up the rear mount access,to give these tanks the super sleek look on tylers shove project.In order to close up the rear access and still firmly mount the tank,I used alighnment studs to locate tank position the fabbed tabs under the tank to keep them tight. in the shots you can see How fuckin BIG these thing are to start with!!! See you all real soon at Kuttys Show,SLIM 951 217 8814

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Slims fab ironhead for Leo

This bike came to me long ago for a hardtail oil bag ,and the basic chopper gig...then he came to me with an old HD springer to get installed....Then the man behind the bike, Santa Ana s LEO wanted the thing cleaned up and a few things changed such as a disc conversion ,I did this using a sotail master and a 2000 sporty caliper.I built him some super curly rabbit ears,mounted his bates light,reshaped his early triumph fender and hung it under a 19" sissy bar I built holding his tailight and lic. plate. After all was fabbed i pulled it down to a bare frame and blasted the frame, etch primed it, and shot it with laquer(piano black) and heavy laquer clear. Same treatment went into the oil bag and fender. I then put the bike back together for Leo to bring home( sounds easy doesnt aint) and i forgot a bunch of fab stuff i did such as pipes ,regulator mount,master cyl mount,right side control etc...Im probly forgetting some shit I did, but fuck it He is riding it and it all worked out, Slim 951 217 8814 Thanks again for the work LEO!!

Slimsfab XS for Johnand David

This is a heavilly modified xs 650 I did the fabrication on For two guys father and son,John and David, I have many hours invested in this can see some of the details in this and the next blog but pictures do not do justice, see this bike at the Hippy Killer Hodown, thanks for checkin my blog, when I dont post often you should know im workin my ass off , The way our country was built....,Slim 951 217 8814

slimsfab XS for John and David

This bike took 3 blog entries to cover,there is literally 100 yards of weld on this bike(or so it feels that way) this xs Is extensively modified in all ways and has a one piece body with hand made controls as well as hand formed body,shortened girder(12 inches)Custom bars, pipes,vented electrics box,18inch and 23inch wheel combo,goosenecked looptailed frame,and the list continues.... all the fab was done here at the fab farm by me,John and David,thanks for the work,I really enjoyed building this bike!!!Slim 951 217 8814