Sunday, February 26, 2012

slims fab Pineapples sporty

This is pineapples rig, he came in needing a hardtail, oil tank, fender,struts with plate/light mount,and a dished tank!He received all of the above! came out clean!The rear fender is from a kawasaki front(kz old stuff) hope you like it SLIM 951 217 8814

slimfab bars made in USA

These are some bars I made up for a couple of orders They were all built with no jig,All hand measured,each one off! 951 217 8814 SLIM

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Slims Fab tank for Bryan

Bryan sent me out a tank he purchased from tyler at Lowbrow as a kit and he mocked it up on his bike and tacked in the tunnel and mounts where he wanted them located...he then sent it to me and I finished up some sheetmetal work to help his lowered tunnel to a finished look,I then installed his filler where he stenciled it and he asked for a little ornamenting.. this is what I came up with. I hope everyone gets to see his garage build trumpet ,from the pics he sent me it should be Clean machine that is super worthy. Thanks for the work Bryan,SLIM 951 217 8814

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Slims Fab XS 650 For THE FAMILY MAN

This is Johns XS he and his son called me up and said we have a build for you..So we got started with an 18 inch rear rim and a 23 inch front,I had them powder coated piano Black and laced with stainless spokes for a start and then came the XS... The ideas they had were very thought out,I just needed to sift gently through their ideas and come up with what they were thinking, and make it reality. this is what I came up with, Lot of goose in that neck...Lots of loop in that tail and I also took 12 inches away from the old girder(shortened the hell out of it!). I will be posting the shots of the one piece body I build for it soon. (check out the before shot I posted)Thanks for the work! I enjoy doing out of the box stuff alot< it is a great release of creative energy! I will leave you with one of my favorite sayings...Only when we have lost everything ,are we trully free to do anything.SLIM 951 217 8814

Slims Fab Shovel for Standard Cycles Josh

This is Standard Josh s "SIMI SHOVEL" he aquired this bike in simi valley ca and someone did some jenky mods in its past,however Josh can see through the bullshit and knows how this BIG INCH Shovel can be a diamond that was once rough! He came in and I first noticed the abombination of a hardtail someone attempted fab on,sooo I cut it of and reproduced the paughco style axle plates and hung a strait hardtail on it..(check out the BEFORE shot i posted here with the primed rear section). Then stripped and ornamented his rear fender which was once a front sporty fender.I then built him a sissy to his spec with 1/2 inch square bar,I fabbed the tank with Josh s supplied parts,and finally Built him pipes Long and High.Watch for Standard Cycles Booth at THE HIPPY KILLER HODOWN and say whats up to JOSH, Thanks for checkin out my work..Next to my Familly it is My Life.My work I take very seriously and I am always striving to improve everyday and learn new things,Keeping Quality high is my Goal,Slim 951 217 8814

Slims fab custom tank for Standard Cycle Josh

This is a tank I fabbed for Josh at Standard Cycles,The tank received a new floor,frisco tunnel new mount tabs, crowned cap,laticed inserts installed,and 1/4 inch ornamenting.Josh brought his newly aquired shovel in for some fixin and fabbin and this is the tank for that exact bike.I will follow this post with his simi valley shovel feature! It was alot of good ol fashion hard assed work! 951 217 8814 slim

Sunday, February 5, 2012

SlimsFab"The Hay Maker!"

These will be the last shots I post of "the Hay Maker" until its completion,The rear wheel has a magnesium hub,and a drum so that i can set it with"no drag" , in alot of cases the disc style brake comes inherant with "some" drag which can slow your bike or rob you valuble free wheeling momentum! The ring is anodized gold, something of the past used on competition style dirt bikes and such.I am working on chambers now as this is an H2 kawasaki 2 stroke 750cc triple, it requires 3 chambers, thrice the dificulty!!! This is my bike and will soon join you all on rides! With all hope the weight to horse power ratio should be Life threatening(since we have no motorcycle seat belt law yet).One of my favorite saying in the two stroke world is....IF IT DONT SMOKE ITS A JOKE!! SLIM 951 217 8814

Saturday, February 4, 2012

slimsfab Tuckers Long M/Fin EVO

This is the finish on Never Readys,Tuckers Evo sporty. All the fab is finished and in place Now for some wiring and a shakedown run before paint,polish,and chrome! Tucker is a great painter so this thing should be super Clean! This bike just kinda went together long styled without long forks,so his ride should be super sano! Thanks for the biz Tucker you are a life long brother!Slim 951 217 8814

Slimsfab iron head parts for Kendall

This is Kendalls Ironhead,which once was his Fathers bike.He daily flogs this bike serious distance.He came to me needing more fuel in the tank, more oil in the bag,and some minor details... so i got to choppin,The tank received a new floor, low tunnel,crowned cap,and Left rear bung.The next mod was to remove the old leaky lunch box oil bag and to fab a new higher capacity unit and mount it without welding or cutting his stock frame,it came out nice.The bike is a kick only so he has a very small battery,therefor we placed it in a nice little tray with a hold down on fits on the top of the trans and well below the oil bag. The bike came out pretty cool with the tank moved back and the " not so outlandish look".The mods that Kendall wanted I carefully executed to keep reliability high,and a simple look.Keep this country ours by supporting local family owned business,and I know it might cost a dollar or two more but if at all possible BUY AMERICAN MADE !! SLIM 951 217 8814

Slimsfab dave wells sporty

This is Dave Wells Ironhead,He has been here to the fab farm before for the hardtail and all the attatched goodies including sissy bar,oil bag,handle bars,battery tray,and wheel spacing.This time he wanted to finish the fab,which included frisco d sporty tank,nice tall seat pan,cut python pipes,and PM caliper on the rear( fabbed the mount for the brake and clearanced it). He is now ready for polish, wiring ,and paint..... Then ride the thing!!! sooo many people get carried away with the build and forget, THE BIKE IS BUILT TO RIDE!!!! SO FUCKING RIDE!!! make it clean and comfortable,THIS AINT A FASHION SHOW GENTLEMEN!!! That is unless it is? Slim 951 217 8814