Saturday, May 22, 2010

Long Beach Swap

Long Beach Swap see you there I will not be driving my Van ,but will be bring lots of Fab to slang! RED,WHITE,&BLUE Buy Fucking AMERICAN or DIE!!!!!!!,SLIM

Kabblahs bike & The De Palma bike

This is my dining room, The De Palma bke is finished,The engine was stripped of primary cover,cam cover ,and Rocke boxes, then polished by all American Polishing in Elsinore Ca. and then Harry at Indocycles did the dirty and put that stuff back, the bars that I origionally fabbed for this bike are chromed and back on it in this photo! The other bike is Kabblahs as you know if you check my blog,That XS will be rolling soon! Just wanted to show you what I see when I enter and exit my house,Its a gentle reminder that I have to keep on the grindstone! One saying that I love is "A Rich Mans Heaven is The Poor Mans Hell" That has nothing to do with this Blog other than I think its fuckin cool and Peter Tosh said that on the song "Burial".Thanks for checking out my Blog! SLIM

Jeremy and his A833

This is Jeremy Clark, One of the hardest workin Muther fuckers I know! He works as a fabricator and wrench at Ironman. He has been building his pride and joy for quite sometime now, it is a 1965 dodge dart GT, It will be running an extremely high reving potent small block,backed up by this freshly rebuilt(by him)chrysler A833 4 gear,it has an aluminum flywheel custom clutch by Clutchmasters,and is sporting a ford 9 inch with STRANGE internals! Jeremy I hope you blow the doors off all the shit talkers at the I.E. street races! Fuck those Fuckers anyway,show them mopar is the biggest and best! Small block throttle junkies for life!! SLIM

Joes oil tank

I am no fucking good at blogging! This is the picture of the inside of Joes oil bag I promised you in my last blog! By the way this picture was replaced with a photo of gil Fabians pipes that I fabbed up out of scrap pipes on his 2005 rubbermount sporty! SHIT HAPPENS! ,SLIM

slimsfab tanks for Joe Pape

These are some shots of Joes baddass rig!! IT is a 45 frame K model fork with a sweet powerplant mocked up in it which upon completion will be a 45 magnum ( a 45 lower end with an early sporty top end) For anyone who doesnt know Joe,dont ever race him on the dirt circle,(flat track), unless you want to be fucking humiliated!Well anyways on to fab...The skinny tanks are by me,The oil tak which I gave you a cutopen view has a return line that eturns by the fill cap so you can peer in to double check oil flow before a flogging,and the tanks mimick the WR tanks,by positioning the inlets ,outlets ,and the shape of the tanks overall! enjoy the pics! Watch for Joe at the lake perris flat track!!! SLIM

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

panhead Indo cycles for So Jake, Japan

This is a panhead built for So Jake leather in Japan,It was built by Indocycle, they called me up for some mid controls and a jockey shifter,and DE RAKING treatment from hellll, check out the rake, the fucking tire almost touches the front pipe, I love jap style!!! Harry at indo Cycle did a beautiful job building this pan, check out the you tube video and the So Jake japan site, Harry ,thank you for the work, SLIM

downtown mike

This is Mikes Oil In Frame trump, it leaked from the frame lots of oil, so we tore it apat and fixed it! this bike used to belong to his brother,Mike just moved from New York so if you see him on a ride give him a warm west coast welcome! thank you , Slim

Kabblahs xs650

How the hell is everybody? well good, this is big Ks rig! xs 650, that Ive been wrenchin on for a bit, This time you get to see the pipes I fabbed for it as well as the,sissy bar, fender,and the two to one intake! The intake is not an experimental piece, it has been done by others as well as me, this is just my version! It uses a cv carb! Next to be done on this xs is controls, seat pan, and wiring! enjoy the pics Kabblah!! , SLIM