Wednesday, December 31, 2008


All i gotta say is if your not here, Your FUCKING QUEER !!!! The BILTWELL guys are a fucking blast! And they make cool shit!!!! If you didnt go to the CHOPMEET, THAT SUCKS!!! This time show up! Bikes only mutha fuckas, See you there,SLIM......

Sunday, December 28, 2008

the green chopper

This is my 1964 chevy g10 chopped 12 inches by me! why chop only a few inches, Go big or go home! 15by10out back 15by3.5 up front centerline auto drags! looks fast, tops out at 50 mph! (Downhill with a 50 mph backdraft)! ha ah ha!!!!

R 5 smoke screen

My bros 1970 r5 we are doing next,Side by side smoke screen!

h2 750

This is the h2 750 triple,Little fucking crusty! But that still buys me time to live!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Air cooled two strokes rule

how the hell are ya? well christmas is gone and so is 2008, pretty much! Today i picked up a few death machines!!! For my brother i grabbed a old school r5 yamaha two stroke twin cylinder cafe project (you know wes the minibike king) well he is gonna step it up with a giant killer! Asfor myself, i have the ultimate widowmaker, The one and only KAWASAKI H2 750 cc triple TWO STROKE!!!!!!! If it dont smoke its a joke!, in this case meaning, you will lose or i may die! my plans are 100 plus H/P with a wet weight below 200 lbs. some people get on my case and tell me the only reason my bikes are fast is because power to weight ratio, The same reason theyre bikes are sooo fucking slow!!! Grow some brains motherfuckers!!!! These bikes i bought from the one and only MARK at Neanderthal Cycle Salvage. ask for Mark or Mona for any of your japanese bike needs! They always have the specific parts i need! Tomorrow i will be posting some pics of those bikes and some other cool shit! thanks for your time, keep choppin!SLIM.......

Monday, December 22, 2008

check out the new issue of CYCLE SOURCE magazine! my TRIKE, SEPPUKU is featured this month! just so you know this mag is staffed by a group of badass dudes that love to ride like you and me! I spent some time with Chris Callen at the David Mann chopper show, he was enjoying our bitchin cali weather and gettin a little ride time in before heading home. The foundry moto guys & gals are always a cool group to go for a ride with, they have the baddest fuckin bikes on planet muthafuckinbadass! I love these guys they are my Pheonix,Az family! Duane & Lisa Ballard were hangin out too! If you dont know Duane Ballard, you should! - Check out his leather,there is no finer example, period! thank you for spending a few minutes of your day here! special thank you for the creation of my website to Clark & Rondi, You are awesome! Chris your 650 will be done & home soon! until tomorrow, keep fuckin choppin! SLIM.....
Please check out this bike in STREET CHOPPER mag this month! Also the TRIKE in the fuckin kickass CYCLE SOURCE mag this month!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008