Friday, January 16, 2009


Here are a few of my freinds! They are a bit distant, however, I beleive they may share my same point of view! My famous last words in life someday will be"You can never take a working mans FRIDAY away, even though he may work an honest seven day week,FRIDAY evening is the" blue collar" weekend! DRINK UP! Cheers to all of us working class, real muther fuckers!!!!! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! SLIM........ Shannon,his lady,and Rouser make me think of friday every time I see them!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rondi s BSA

This is rondi and her BSA 250, this is finish fabricated by me. After this shot Rondi & her man Clark continued tp finesse this bike, including paint(by Rondi) ,a motor rebuild, and a ton of detail by Clark& Rondi! this bike was stock when they got it, I met them at the chop meet& they told me they needed a hard tail, it turned into a whole build! we still continue to gang up on these builds and have loads of fun cutting up stock bikes! NOTHING IS SACRED CHOP EM ALL!!!! SLIM........ keep cuttin untill we chat again!

hardtail kits

This is a hardtail kit Imade for a freind Rondi, These are very easy to install! All you need is a simple buzzbox! If you are looking for a set call me! ( only weld on)

vegas tom

This is Vegas Tom, He & I met at the chop meet, Next thing I know Im doin a little work on his bike, he built most of it in his garage slowly peicing it together like most of us with a beer budget, he let me put a couple of touches on it,(thank you Tom) The tank, bars, pipes, and accents on headlight and fender! A narrow leaf springer is on its way, peel an eye for this sickle, it fuckin rocks! Slim.....

vegas toms tank

This is a tank I fabbed for a cool ass cat named Tom, he resides in Las Vegas. This was also fitted to his sweet triumph by me amongst some other mods, bars,pipes,and accented lots of other bits! Watch for his triumph soon it will have a slims fab leaf springer(narrow)!


This is a 39 Knuck in a early frame(flatty frame) ive been working on, it has a really cool VL springer front end and some hand made crocker style fenders! I just got the tank and bars done, you will see pics soon! Chuck& Paul are the owners, they are to pick it up this saturday(my birthday) NO REST FOR THE FUCKIN BLUE COLLAR AMERICANS !!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I built this bike for my dad with the fucked up leftovers of what used to be his cherry 1988 sporty 1200! Some fuckin punk ass in hemet ran a red & nailed him, this is what the resurection looks like! Hardtailed swingarm frame I did, every peice used was hand made. With exception of the obvious H.D. parts scored from the swapmeet, and Kirk&Scotty at Sporty Specialties, thank you to you two, your service and help are second to none! Thank you for your time, get off my blog and back to choppin fuckers! happymuthafuckintuesday! by the way, thats my dad, TOM, he is a BMX racer and they call him old fart!

el mirage

Nanook& The Dirt Nap at El Mirage lake bed! Speed trials by my self, Peacefull, speedfilled fun!