Sunday, June 17, 2012

Slimsfab bars for Mikes Dyna

This is Mikes dyna! He comes through for fab fairly frequently,This time it was integrated bars(riserless).comfortable,and business like! no b/s. His last stop was for the now chromed sissy and fender fitment. I like that Mike is sharp with his Ideas and his bike is kept exremely sano. Thanks Always for the return biz Mike,SLIM 951 217 8814 Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads!


  1. it was great to meet you in person yesterday, theres less than 10 fab/bike bldrs that i follow and you are up there.

  2. Greeting from Milan. Crazy creations, you are the best. Hope to meet you in Italy. Go fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. hey where is Hooligan80 I guess he is hiding behind his keyboard lmao he likes to start crap and then blocks you from comments and hides hahaha btw whats that person on his profile is that suppose to be a girl lmao