Friday, September 28, 2012

slimsfab Pipes for Mike

This is Mikes ironhead.He came out to the farm needing some work...tank fab,pipes,seat pan,relocate coil and ignition switch etc. The tank and fender are already at the paint shop,so that is why you only get to see the pipes for now.In the second photo you can see his brake linkage rod,i heated and worked it so it would "hide" behind the pipe instead of blocking the clear view of the pipes.The small aluminum rod I used to get a pattern for the bend of the linkage.That rod is just a piece of aluminum tig rod.I like these late model Ironheads they are the last of the True V twin Dinosaurs,its a damn shame so many are leaving the states,if you have one Try to hord it for future generations to enjoy here on American soil. Slim 951 217 8814

Monday, September 24, 2012

slimsfab cafe for Conasty

This is Eric "Conastys" cafed honda cb350.He is not new to the fab farm,i did a great load of work to his Ironhead as well.This time he asked for a short tail/seat pan combo,shaving his lower emblems from his tank,a fork brace,a hidden electrics tray,and a super clean set of pipes... This is what I came up with. I rolled out a nice short tail and tunneled it to except a nice exhaust outlet from 16 g. steel,fabbed up a neat/simple fork brace,shaved and cleaned up his fuel tank leaving the Honda wings,and fabbed up a set of one and a half inch pipes that exit the rear of the cafe tail.Sounds simple,but it aint.Work hard,Thats what built our country,SLIM 951 217 8814 Thanks for the biz Conasty!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

slimsfab turtle tail for Jimmys cyclone

This is Jimmys Buell Cyclone.He wanted it a touch shorter and a tail fabbed for it.This is what I came up with.... I cut the rear sub frame off short and heated the remaining part where i wanted it to curve in and slightly bent them in,then shaped some tube to my desired contour and attatched it back to the bike via mig weld.I started with 16 g.cold finish to form the tail to the shape I wanted and fitted it to the sub frame. then I secured it using stainless buttonhead fasteners.Here are some pics of the results....SLIM 951 217 8814.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

slimsfab t bars for Mark

This is Marks set of T bars on his sporty.I built these bars with a little push forward, riserless , and with a crossbar.I also relocated his coil and his ignition switch was swapped to an automotive style with key start to clean up his handlebars.Thanks for stopping in Mark and Zane,I appreciate the work,Slim 951 217 8814

Sunday, September 16, 2012

slimsfab sixth st scotts sporty

This is Scotts sporty,he is the owner of sixth st tatoo in corona.Some cinder block wall had a bad run in with him and the wall lost...needless to say the bike needed some repair.The frame was bent in multiple places and the rear motormount was literally in four pieces.After tig welding the rear mounts in place with a special jig we fabbed,the frame was swaped for a late model Ironhead frame and few mods were done to make it compatible.the frame was then hardtailed,forks shaved,and a formfitting horseshoe oil bag was next. I radiused a flat fender and fabbed up a sissy to scotts specs with a diamond shape made from 5/8 coldrolled up top.His tank, and bars were re installed and its off to get wired.See you on the road Scott,SLIM 951 217 8814

Saturday, September 15, 2012

slimsfab narrowed 33 mm sporty front end for RUBEN

This is a early sporty front end 33mm sporty . I modified the lower tree to narrow them up one and three quarter inches mre than stock,then completely fabbed the upper tree,(all the hardware in the picture was left loose for installation) this gives clearance for our special spoolie that is a svelte two and one half inches wide,the clearance measures two and three quarters between the narrowest point.This is for Ruben s next mind blowing build.Slim 951 217 8814

Sunday, September 9, 2012

slimsfab club style visor mounting

This is "Deep Sea" Adams sporty,He came out to the farm for some fab.He rolled in on a sporty with ape hangers (24 inches) and wanted T bars with some push forward riserless.After fabbing a set up for him he asked if I could mount his "CLUB VISOR" and mount his headlight up higher fitting the visor position.That I did.Here are some photos of the journey, some shots are of mock up with only tack welds holding brackets in place.I am not nuts about this style, however I did enjoy fabbing up the set up,it came out super sturdy and functional!when Adam gets his cables and wiring organized it will be "nice". Slim 951 217 8814

Friday, September 7, 2012

slimsfab oil tank for daves trump

This is a oil tank I fabbed for Dave. It is made to run vertical (up and down) on his early triumph. It is a pill style tank with dished ends,a filler neck made to fit harley push in style cap,and quarter inch pipe thread fittings.These tanks feature a feed,return,and vent bungs for versatility.SLIM 951 217 8814