Wednesday, July 11, 2012

slimsfab xs for VON FUCT Eric

This is an XS650 belonging to Eric of Von Fuct leather,All the fab was done here at the fab farm in redlands,ca.the frame is a shaved and cleaned stocker with a slimfab hardtail 2 inches stretched.The original plan was to run an old girder front end Eric got from the long beach swap....But it was really fucked up! So to get him to born free on time I stuck on his stock front end and just shaved the legs!(soon will be a slim fab girder)The axle received lathe treatment as well to fit the slender 23 inch front wheel.I narrowed the wassell tank to decrease capacity and kill it with style!!! It is ornamented to leave Eric with some creative space for some of his crafty leather work.The fender was supplied by Eric and simply mounted here,the seat pan is made to "chase"the shape of thr fender.The bars and sissy i built to sort of flow with eachother and lend the bike some spunk for style,the controls were all hand fabbed,and oxy acet formed,notice it is jockey style with "HURST" fassioned lever!On the bike is a electrics/batt stash box too.... i may have missed a thing or too...pipes are on the way. Thank you Eric for having me be a part of your bike! PLEASE LOOK UP ERIC AND HIS WORK....VON FUCT. I like this fuckin bike,pictures dont do it justice,SLIM 951 217 8814

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