Monday, January 31, 2011

slimsfab the shop

This is the new shop, it contains most of our tooling and alot more space than the old shop,the old shop measures a miniscule 7 feet by 13 feet(a bedroom in my home). The new shop attatched to my home is 18 by 31 ALOT bigger!!!I sprayed a piece up behind my Ironhead for Chris at blue collar moto,as well as the rest of us blue collar mother fuckers. the shop is heated by a really old Ben Frank iron wood burning stove. In the backround is my shop help Jeremy he is a hard working mofo,he has been working with me for about 6 months,we previously fabbed on lots of street race cars,and legit drag cars.He is a very accomplished fabricator and wrench,Thanks for checking out the blog and just a reminder... my new # is 951 217 8814 SLIM

Friday, January 7, 2011

slims fab Pats xs 650

This is Pats xs 650 the frame that was built at slimsfab,also shortened the forks 4 inches, fabbed seatpan, bars,sissybar,fender pipes,mid controls,and headlight bracket,molded and painted the frame with white laquer,then it was sharpy art painted by another artist, the xs made a great showing at David Mann show thanks to Pats hard work and positive energy,Pat, Thank you for your business, I look forward to our next project,SLIM

slims fab hardtail for Arvin

This is Arvin and his oil in frame trumph. One more clean solid hardtail leaving the shop with a happy owner.Please keep in mind alot( not all) bikes that get fabbed on at slims fab are owner assembled and often have work from other shops as well, so... please dont assume because I have a hand in a project that it was all "my idea" or all slims fabwork, Arvin , thank you for your business!Stay True,Red,White,And Blue

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

slims fab tank and bars for Nori

This is a shot of Nori s XS 650 tank and bars by slimsfab the throttle is internal, Nori s XS pulled a first place at DavidMann for metric chopper, I will be posting a blog on Nori s xs which we fabbed alot of parts for,we did not fab the hardtail MY NEW CONTACT NUMBER IS 951 217 8814 thnks for checking out my blog and please spread the word on my new phone number, SLIM

slims fab muzzys econoline

This is Mike Muzzys 1966 ford falcon club wagon(a passenger econoline) It came into slims fab with major damage on every panel, every wheel lip had to be hammered and dollied(one had to be cut out and replaced),the left rear corner had poor access so it was cut out dollied then re fitted,the drivers side was smashed in at the deepest point 7 inches, that side wascut out and replaced, the hinges on the side cargo doors were torn back from a sideswipe accident which damaged the doors as well s surrounding panels, the door jambs were cut out and replaced as well as the doors.the front face got hammer and dollie treatment,the whole van every inch was then blocked by hand and primed then painted with satin"army man green"mixed by me! The clutch,exauhst,front swaybar bushings were replaced. we gutted the interior and installed a rer seat which leaves access for the slimsfabbed wheel chock, the rear seat is also quick release. the front passenger area is coated in satin black the cargo area is coated in textured black and the floors are bed lined thru out! currently waiting on a few window seals to complete our job, hope you like it muzz it was a fuck load of work( work is what we live for at SLIMSFAB) we as AMERICANS are lucky to have that right!

slims fab riverside Alex

This is Alex from Riverside, Cali, He frequents the shop to get upgrades done to his sporty! when he first contacted me, he had just purchaced a set of bars from me at the long beach swap. He had purchased the bike for a song and dance, after slowly but surely choppin way at the bike ,The bike has been strutted,friscoed the tank,side mounted speedo,coil and ignition relocated,sissy bar fabbed as well s the fender radiused and mounted! He is now cruisin proud! Alex ,thanks for your business and your friendship,you are a hell of a guy with a great family, SLIM... By the way take a look at the new shop,it is attatched to my home!