Sunday, June 30, 2013

Slims Sportster for Alex

 This is The Green Sporty Owned by Riverside Alex.It is a 1997 883.The hardtail,fender sissy,seatpan, batt box,bars,oilbag,Pipes,Chain conversion wiring,and jockey shift set up are all slimsfab pieces. He came in for the Jockey shift set-up and a sprung seat pan(previously cobra seat),and bates style p pad.The jockey shift set-up is fully adjustable and uses The stock clutch cable.Thanks for stoppin by Alex.Have a good ride,Slim

Friday, June 28, 2013

slimsfab pipes for Joshs 63 trumpet

 These are some upswept pipes I fabbed up for Joshs triumph 1963.These pipes have built in torque cones to aid with back pressure,and I wanted to make them curvy looking without over kill.I also built Josh a oil bag for this bike on the same visit.     Our Freedom is often taken for granted.Please exercise your right as Free American and go Shoot your Gun,Ride your Bike,Tell someone your opinion,say Fuck You,I love you,or Just Enjoy your Friday and Drink a cold Beer or 12.Whatever you choose Just know our Freedom is Getting thin,and thinner by the minute.I will strive to Buy , Build , and Sling as much American made Quality as possible to preserve what is left of our Diminishing Lifestyle. LONG LIVE THE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS!!!! Slim

Monday, June 24, 2013

Slimsfab Ironhead chop for US vs.THEMs only Mike Glory

 These are a few shots of Mike Glorys 1983 ironhead.It arrived to the Farm a stock bike with a few bolt ons. Mike wanted change. First I set him up with a 2 inch stretch one off hardtail, Then a solid battery tray and lid made from 1/8 inch coldrolled steel to house an ANTIGRAVITY 12 cell Lith battery.I fabbed up a finned fuel tank as well as matching oil bag,finned bars,and finned upper motor mount.The sissybar is also cold rolled solid round bar of 5/8 size. The seatpan attatched to the sissy goes up a tad bit passed mid way and will be covered as a King Queen style.To wrap thing up I built him a set of pipes that I think suit the build( in the photo they are unfinished). Since these photos were taken,The bike now sports slimsfab narrow35mm trees and a 21 inch spool wheel.   Slim      I will Live and Die a PROUD AMERICAN and still say..FUCK OUR CROOKED ASSED GOVERNMENT.!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Slimsfab pipes for a Ducati sportbike

These are a set of pipes,and muffler I fabbed for this Ducati. I built them around moving suspension parts and some other obstructions as well as clearing the aftermarket lower body kit(not pictured). The pipe has two slip joints , One on the front headpipe and the other to change the removeable outlet.Slim.