Monday, October 31, 2011

Slimsfab Ironhead fat tire for Chris

Hey ! Now what the fuck you might ask yourself, an Ironhead with a fat tire? I am asking myself the same thing ,however a cat named Chris wanted this very style so I will do my best to incorporate what he wants tastefully, this is so far what i have come up with,79 ironhead engine, 1968 frame modified to fit the late engine, a double loop hardtail,wideglide with 21inches of Avon,200 m m out back,drag bars,etc.... lots of shit cool guys dont like! but I call this bike "THE ANTI CHOPCULT BIKE" BECAUSE most chopcult members will probly hate it.... it isnt super skinny or trendy with almost not rideable features, I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST CHOP CULT!!! "I LOVE CHOPCULT FOR ALL YOU FUCKERS WHO TRY AND START SHIT THIS COMMENT IS FOR YOU" AND BY THE WAY EAT A PLATE OF SHIT! for everyone else enjoy the pics and look through the B.S at the good fab, SLIM 951 217 8814 :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

slims fab ironhead build for Dave

This is a 81 ironhead sporty that Dave is the owner of. He asked about a hardtail, oil bag, battery box, sissy bar and some bars etc..... These are some shots of what he left with, hope you like the pics.The sissy bar is not my design but i did build it for Dave.I can be reached at 951 217 8814 ,Thanks for checking out my blog,SLIM

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

slimsfab pipes for muzz

This is muzzy's trumpet,I made these high pipes for him,hope you like the photos,Slim 951 217 8814, BUY AMERICAN PARTS OR DIE! OR LIVE WITH THE PIECES OF CHINA MADE DOG SHIT YOU DID BUY !!!