Sunday, November 22, 2009

homebuilt hustler

This is a shot of Chris Unger and his 71 Iron head sporty that we put together.He lives in Henderson ,NV, and owns the working class tattoo parlar in Las Vegas, the shop is called Pokers tattoo. I took a couple of trips back and fourth and spent a few weekends fabricating, and building a runner out of a pile o parts, It was a group effort, Chris , his son Dustin, myself and last but Not least Steve of Steves cycle in L.V. all put in work! lots of it!!! Chris rides this bike Every day to work and Floggs the fuck out of it! Steve is responsible for the engine work and a ton of pain in the ass stuff, he is one hell of a wrench and a talented fabricator! If you get a chance stop in to his place he works on anything with two wheels and has blue collar rates! His number is 702-539-0515 thanks for your time , work hard, play harder and represent the fuckin best flag on the planet, RED,WHITE, and BLUE !!!!SLIM.

Friday, November 20, 2009


What the hell, time to celebrate! Its friday again!!! Weeks just seem to go by like hours ,not days, These are some update pics of the streetsweepers progress! Shooting for mooneyes and The David Mann show I hope. These photos were taken in my front yard,"the Fab Farm" as I call it , many a good Ideas get put into reality right here in the redlands dirt! many might question my wording "good Idea" , I dont, as soon as you start questioning your own ideas ,then you dont end up doing them, THAT BLOWS,go home and cut something! If you find yourself in the so-cal area this saturday come on over and see mark and arie at the two wheel terrors release party in L.A.! look it up by google, TWO WHEEL TERRORS. SLIM

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

slimsfab streetsweeper

The streetsweeper is looking up! between keeping everybody happy , gettin bikes chopped,and makin parts, the days are long, the nights are longer but it will pay off, WHEN? who the hell knows ! "The payoff" may never come, but we still push on ! why we do what we do , only we know,maybe to fuel our next worst nightmare,I know thats why I push on! well probly gonna stay home from the slabcity riot, work on finishing my friend Kabblas xs650 so maybe next time we can ride side by side!, and try to get ahead on my van! Hey Blue collar I will post more pics (close-ups) of the van frame and combo ASAP! Hope everyones day was great, if it wasnt do something to make it great,CHOP SOMETHING !!! SLIM

georges tiger

Good day to everyone! This is Georges triumph tiger, youve seen it before, but now its back! He stopped in to pick-up some bars and then..... fabbed him a new rear seat bracket that is strong and carries an elegant style to it as does the rest of his beauty! I also cut off his oil tank mounts and made up some good looking ones, have a look.This is one of those bikes that puts you at ease if your riding it or not, it just has that quality, I like it! Thanks for the bizz George! , SLIM

Sunday, November 8, 2009

slimsfab bars

Hey happy sunday!!! these are some bars I carved out the other morning for triumph George, he picked the curved style! I put in a long day chopping on the van, 6 am till 345 the next morn it was sooo much fun I couldnt stop! It now has a full frame instead of a unibody, the mock-up engine and trans are in!!! I will be wrenching on it between chop jobs to hopefully make it to Mooneyes christmas and David Mann chopperfest! Pics will be posted tonight! This is what Im talkin about, where else in the world do they really do off the wall shit and not even give it a second thought,we are the baddest country on the planet!!! Red, White, and Blue all day long, SLIM

Friday, November 6, 2009

jkj sporty frame slimsfab

JKJ here is your hardtailed frame , thank you for the bizz! check out the rest of the blog for more photos, ones that are sideways too!!! SLIM

slimsfab hardtail sporty

This is a hardtail that I built and installed on this sporty frame for a cat in New York known as JKJ ( at CHOP he ordered a hardtail , a battery box ,and, some bars. Watch for his bike on CHOP CULT .com! Thank you for your business JKJ , I am a single handed AMERICAN business, exactly what built our nation strong, we have the power to get our countries business back it starts with me and you ,our small people with pride in our work!!! Thanks , SLIM

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

slimsfab sporty tank

Middle of the week is here and there is no sign of slowing!!Tanks, Bars, Hardtails, and Switchboxes ! Here you see a tank (sporty)that has been narrowed 2", a new floor installed with a shallow frisco style tunnel,sewer style filler with a wassel repro cap, and some swirly ornamentation I felt like adding! This tank I built for this cool cat Hugo at T&H motorcycle shop in Pacoima Ca (in the san fernando valley) it is going on his Ironhead project which he is doing an A-1 chop job on!! well Im going back to my favorite place in the world,back to choppin! I cant figure out which is more fun, choppin, or ridin???? They both kick ass!!! stay true RED,WHITE ,and BLUE! , SLIM

slimsfab fuel tank

This is a gas tank I fabbed , it is in the posesion of kevin hogan , he is building an ironhead for our buddy doug! This tank has lots of T.L.C. in it! you know ,good old fasion lots of american labor!!! SLIM