Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Standard style

Standard Style M/F s Built a Tank and Ribbed a fender For Standard, These guys kick ass, Thanks for the work,Nuff Said. SLIM

Blue Collar Moto Chris

If you dont know him, you fuckin should, Check out his kick ass blog, or chill with him at the long beach swap,fuck it buy a shirt! This is Blue Collar Chris, He is one of thee most dedicated to living life muther fuckers I know, Ride with him and youll understand, He aint into one class of bike he bleeds anything with two wheels that kicks ass ! Thanks Chris for what you do!A brother to one a brother to all!, SLIM

Gil Fabians sporty

This is Gils Sporty, It is a 2005 rubbermount previously owned by me,I just paid a visit to his home in Moreno Valley ,Ca and fabbed and mounted a frisco style 2.2 peanut tank,The tank was narrowed 1 inch, new floor built for it ,An extra wide tunnel for the large diameter back bone that the new sportys are known for, and crowned the cap. The tank holds two gallons.I also fabbed Gil a coil bracket to relocate it to the primary side of the engine cleaning up the space under the fuel tank. The ignition was relocated to the primary side low mounted as well!Hope you like the photos,Watch for more as the build progresses! SLIM

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


These are some shots of the wheelie stander I built, never intended to sell it, it is like a child to me,When I create a vehicle from scratch it is alot like my idea of giving birth but the male version!!! ha ha ha! I drove this thing everywhere i went, it being my only means of four wheeled transpo at the time forced me to make it completely well mannered,with small block power! A really great guy named Casey moir saw it and wanted it even before i did the radical drivetrain swap, ( he decided that after the 13 inch chop) now he has posession of the streetsweeper,He is an ex dragracer who has a love for my abstract automotive art,I really miss my van! two days after it left to Caseys, Idrove to Oregon with my friend Al to pick up my new project, I will share pics of its progress my next blog. it is a 1947 Crosley wagon,dont even ask just watch my blog! Thanks to all that check out my blog and have patience to wait, I am a sparatic blogger, If I am on the net I am not Creating and that just blows!!! STAY TRUE RED,WHITE,AND BLUE,SLIM

Mikes pipes

Mikes dyna needed pipes, I headed over to the trusty BILTWELL guys and picked up a kit and fabbed these up using their pinch tips gives great sound AND great looks, These kits are readilly available and a breeze to use, they come with 4 u bends, and all sorts of flanges and goodies, check out BILTWELL for one of these kits, SLIM

A coffin for Butch

A coffin tank I built for Butch, He needed a slightly wider than available version for his Honda 750 Chopper,Thanks for the work Butch, SLIM

Monday, August 2, 2010

DePalma Shop Chop

Hey just wanted to drop some thanks to all that helped out on this giveaway bike for DePalma clothing. I comleted all the fab,Hard tail,seatpan,pipes,oil tank, switch box,motormount coil bracket combo,ornamenting fuel tank,shave triple trees and fabbed handle bars,Chicago Chris for the sweet as fuck paint, Hardluck for the leather work on seat, All American polishing for the polishing engine components,Harry of Indocycles for sealing up the engine,and general tuning,last but NOT least the BILTWELL guys for the Risers, the seathinge,and the exauhst tips, A big thanks to all for your help, and to KRIS for giving us all the chance at this build.

Jeremys Sporty

This is Jeremys sporty.He is also with the DEADBEAT crew, I built him a hardtail ,a dished oil bag a battery box,seat pan, sissybar and mounted his Led Sled brand fender, I took some close up shots so you can see the mounting style and fittment of all the parts, Very user friendly! Thanks for the business Jeremy,Check out a pharmacy ride shop near you! Thanks again for checking out my blog,SLIM

Frasers Rubbermount sportster

This is Fraser of the DEADBEATS M/C out of lancaster Palmdale area. I talked to him at the streetchopper meet in Chino, He needed a hardtail for his Fuel injected rubber mounted sporty, He and his crew came out to my compound to drop off his ride and this is what he left with, My signature hardtail, Oil bag,side mount battery box w/wiring stash built in,sissy bar , and mounted his west eagle fender, they came out to pick up the bike and brought a feast of carne asada and fixins,as well as another bike to treat the same owned by Jeremy of Pharmacy rideshop! Cant say thanks enough for the work DEADBEATS, SLIM.