Monday, March 21, 2011

slims fab duster

This is the Duster it is a 1972,just dropped in the high reving small block powerplant,I know most of you are bike guys and gals but,just keepin it real I enjoy anything that comes close to an internal combustion engine,including bikes boats cars and shit that falls between, lets not forget how wastefully cool our culture is,think about it,fast cars,lowriders,drag boats,any type of useless hobby that produces smiles via adrenalin is what we are about, do they have a purpose other than fun?, FUCK NO,WHO THE HELL CARES,ITS A BLAST,!!! ITS AMERICAN CULTURE !!! Live it ,love it or leave it, SLIM !!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

slimsfab dragbike roller for David

A true digger, Ironhead with lots of carburetion,lots of neck work slammed to the weeds,this is Davids sick ass bike we mocked up together, he has lots of great plans for it,it will be a sweet ass ride,Slim .......come by the long beach swap to pick up some stickers i finally had printed,we will see you there!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

slimsfab Leos Ironhead

Here are a couple pics of Leos Ironhead,We fabbed him up a Hardtail with 2 inches of stretch,an oil tank,battery box,pipes and some bars, He rides in Santa Ana,and to keep his old school nature he had us do a disc to drum conversion,I think that is cool ass shit. when you see his whip next time he will be sportin a 21 incher up front,cant wait to see it rollin,Thanks for the biz Leo, SLIM

Friday, March 18, 2011

slims fab vl frame knuckle motor for Ruben

This is Ruben you can catch him at the Long beach swap just about every month,he aproached me with his idea and this is how it went this is a vl harley frame,to cram a knuckle in it you would usually fuck up the seat post upper casting by making it thin and weak and relocating the tube that locates the upper motormount up on the front casting for clearance,NOT in this case,Ruben wanted little to nill ground clearace, so we stretched the frame at the seatpost,stretched it in the downtube,swept the rear of the frame up,and stretched the front headcasting 3 inches HOLY SHIT!!! All this gave Ruben Clearance for his knuckle, low slung frame,full sized seatpost casting and fully loaded on style! Ruben narrowed his own forks and is running a 23 spool in front and 21 in the rear! Watch for this one,he is a detail freak and I dig his style!!! BLEED,RED,WHITE,AND BLUE,Do all you can for ALL those who have served our country for YOUR FREEDOM, SLIM

Thursday, March 17, 2011

slimsfab sissybar for rubbermount sportys

This is a sissy that I produce for all rubber mount sportster models,They are a simple 20 minute bolt on item that is very rugged and made right here in the USA,by me, I stock this item in epoxy coated black and raw,You can reach me at 951 217 8814, please feel free to text.Thanks for checking out my blog,Happy choppin! SLIM

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

slimsfab knuckle tanks and wishbone frame for Scott

This is a project I did for a guy named BIG SCOTT,a cool m/f he is! The frame came to me as a very poorly repaired piece that to the ameture eye would look sufficient,I carefully repaired it where needed (trying not to disturb any of the old weld repairs that helped the look) and finished it with new paint to make it look as if it sat around in a barn for fifty years with little if any weather issues, that was a task if you must imagine! the tank is real(no shit) it is not a repro,yes it hurt when i cut it,Scott asked me to build him a tank with no dash opening up top and thats what he got!(a little his style,a little my style) I first narrowed the tanks 3/4 of an inch per side,to show off his polished UL heads and then shaved the dash and opening at the rear of the tank.(caps were relocated) Please keep in mind the access to the rear tank mount is located at that rear opening, so i fabbed a clean and neat mount under the rear of the tank,also in the pic i am pointing at a round cap that is a cover for a stash spot that is @ 2 inches round by 4 1/2 inches deep,and is accessed by a custom tool I fabbed.These tanks I painted and aged them with my own process,(all laquer).The finish on the tanks is NOT shown in these photos but will be here on the blog soon,as always,Thanks for checking out my blog and dont forget that this day in life only comes once in your life ,enjoy being a free AMERICAN,and dont fucking take it for granted,SLIM

slims fab roll cage for Ed Foxs 3 door

Here are some pics of Ed Foxs vw 3 door transport! we fabricated him a roll cage for his sweet machine,and fixed someone elses attempt at sheetmetal repair.there is also a handle I fabbed to the left of the drivers seat which operates a cooling vent at the rear made for air intake to the turbocharged 2180(of coarse all mechanically operated) The cage is all custom bent by us and is made up of hot rolled 134 wall inch and a half tubing,this took a considerable amount of time to fit properly and clear all the seats and such items that needed to remain removeable without issues for maintinence down the road! Ed , I thank you for your business and it was a pleasure and a honor to work on your bus, SLIM, BTW Ed is the photographer that shot the Slims fab Feature in this issue of the one and only STREET CHOPPER MAG!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

slims fab shovel head

This is shot of my friend Chris' shovelhead, motor is fully gone thru, machine work by fast eddie, fully polished Delkron cases, oil pump, rocker boxes, .050 over new pistons and rings, fresh never ran, heads completly rebuilt, new valves, springs guides. motor is completely overhauled inlcudes polished s&s intake, s&s shorty E, and tear drop air cleaner!! new parts. Chris is parting with this because of lower back injury (cant ride bikes anymore), also has rebuilt ans fully polished cowpie 4speed with all primary, chain and clutch parts, tranny is a kicker with hydro clutch, have all bendix starter parts. The chassis and related parts are available, santee rigid frame with mso, new 18" akront alloy rear wheel with new bridgestone tire, fender, vintage durfee girder 10over complete. he is asking $4500obo for everything, or full drive train for $3500 all fresh. thanks for reading, really sucks he has to get rid of this! you can own a peice of american vtwin power for a bitchin deal, contact me @ 951 217 8814 anytime pics available upoin request.