Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This is a badddd mutha fukka!!!!! The Denco Triple-Triple!!!! Three 750 h-2 kawasaki powerplants to form the sickest shit!!!! Thank you for building this machine Denco I cant even afford to finish my single engined h-2 dragbike!!!!!! Shit it my pants, SLIM.......
Some shots of my 71 340 duster getting some attention from the bender by way of inch and five eighths 134 wall H.R.E.W. tubing. this duster has an eight and three quarter rearend with a spool and 4.88:1 gears. 1974 valiant disc brakes up front!

The shitty part!!!!!!!, This car is no longer mine,It was offed for the dire need to finish other projects! Hope you enjoyed the pics, SLIM....... KEEP CHOPPIN!!!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009


BLUE COLLAR MOTO blog spot!!!!!!! If you have been there, you know, If you havent you should!!! This is hands down the coolest place to visit every day! always something new! And is run by Chris Blue Collar a WORKING CLASS AMERICAN just like you and me....... see you fuckers at pismo beach race!!!!! If you dont know what Im talking about..... Check out Blue Collar Moto Blogspot!!!! SLIM......


If you dont get DICE Magazine something is wrong with you!!!! get educated on baddass shit. I highly recomend pulling your head out of your ass much like I am trying to do myself so dont fucking get butthurt! This is THE DIRT NAP! If you dont get the name , ride this thing hard once, and youll take one!( that is a DIRT NAP) 6 feet under. SLIM......

Jockey shift, heel clutch, thumb throttle, two stroke twin350cc,maddness!!!!!!!!!!!!

caballero photo

Nuff said!


Sure you can trust our government, just ask an indian?! This particular indian is bout 2 percent real, the tank is italian injun(for real!) and the decal says indian?! buttttttt........... its powerplant is yamaha YZ 490 poked& stroked to 537cc of kick yo ass!!! The rear section of frame eas a sporty by jammer tht was donated by Tim at negotiable parts, he said nobody in their right mind would want this P.O.S. !!! So not being in my right mind I Jigged it up and added a stubby front frame section to it with 19 degrees of rake. The fork is 35 mm sporty shit with the internals ripped out for that classic true ridgid feel, ouch,ouch,ouch!!!! spool 19 up front,elsinore 250 cc rear wheel,Chamber made by me as well as seat pan, bars,linkage,controls,and piston yielding 15.1:1 compression! ground clearance clocks in at 3/4 of an inch! lowriders rule!(speedbumps dont!) This was my daily whip for quite some time! those were the good times......... SLIM........


Some asshole on his drag bike? DT400 two stroke, ill handling, lightweight(115 lbs) rattle trap! SLIM....
Isnt june gloom baddass? If you aint gettin alot done now, you sure as hell should be before that fuckin shithead we call the sun shows its hot ass up!!! This is the devils seesaw my bike better known as stay gold! This was my FIRST attempt at building a semi serious two stroke chop! There was quite a few previous fun thrash projects!!! However this bike was stripped and re-sprayed and anodized gold shortly after Jonny Vascos passing, in memory, and dedication to his influence on all of our lives he effected!!!! RIP Jonny. This build started with a santee shovel 4 speed frame aquired from Tim at negotiable parts.Early wide glide with no internals make it a full ridgid ride ,Wheels came from a YZ400 1978? Tank is off of a 62 suzuki 90cc trail! NOT HONDA or RAPIDO!!!!!Engine is a highly modified Suzuki tm-400 piston port two stroke of coarse!!!! Chamber by me! This bike I intially planned on installing a shovel however that disease called poverty got inthe way soooo, that is when I dismantel highly collectable vintage race shit! NOTHING IS SACRED CHOP EM ALL!!!!! This bike seldom sees the light of day, hence the lack of time!!!! Thanks for spending your VALUBLE chop time on my blog!!!!! SLIM......... Yes thats a chevy alternator running off the drive chain................

Nanook ,The Dragmaster pics by Anna Marco at moon eyes 2008. chop em all nothing is sacred!!!!!
Pics by Anna Marco, Bike by Slim,Paint by henry The Garage,And lots of Sporty parts from Kirk& Scotty at( Sporty Specialties,located in fullerton,Ca these guys got your sporty parts!!!!) Keep reading for more tech on this bike! thanx, SLIM....


Happy fuckin friday to you all!!!This is the baddass sporty i built for my dad after his close call with death!!! this bike began life as a totalled 1988 1200 sporty, some asshole in Hemet,Ca ran a red and nailed pops(Tom)! I picked up the bike from impound yard and put this together from the wreckage.I straightened the frame,added my hardtail kit,bars,tank,oil bag,seat,battery box,fender,pipes, well you get the point! This muther fucker hauls ass thanks to 10.5:1 pistons,andrews n4 cams,s&s shorty, lots of portwork by me ,and a stout barnett clutch, hope you enjoy the pics as much as I enjoyed the build! p/s pops is back to ridin! fuck yeah!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Get a look at this guy,His name is Rene Chavez , His business is fixing your fucked up but cool old helmets!!! He builds the insides of your helmet to fit your head with the worlds finest foam and the fabrics of your choice! All my helmets have been to him and back to me in a flash! You can also visit him at the long beach m/c swap meet! he can be reached at 562-217 2859 or at tell him slim sent ya!!!


Watch out for the man we know as Richie Pan! He can strike at any time a hell of an artist from drillin ink to drawin! check out Dark Star tattoo! A big Thank You Richie from Slim on the west side of our Land of the Free!!