Saturday, February 4, 2012

Slimsfab iron head parts for Kendall

This is Kendalls Ironhead,which once was his Fathers bike.He daily flogs this bike serious distance.He came to me needing more fuel in the tank, more oil in the bag,and some minor details... so i got to choppin,The tank received a new floor, low tunnel,crowned cap,and Left rear bung.The next mod was to remove the old leaky lunch box oil bag and to fab a new higher capacity unit and mount it without welding or cutting his stock frame,it came out nice.The bike is a kick only so he has a very small battery,therefor we placed it in a nice little tray with a hold down on fits on the top of the trans and well below the oil bag. The bike came out pretty cool with the tank moved back and the " not so outlandish look".The mods that Kendall wanted I carefully executed to keep reliability high,and a simple look.Keep this country ours by supporting local family owned business,and I know it might cost a dollar or two more but if at all possible BUY AMERICAN MADE !! SLIM 951 217 8814

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  1. I am getting to the final stages of re assembly, should be doing bodywork and paint today. Re wired it and re gasketed a couple things too. Super happy with your work slim, thanks!