Sunday, February 19, 2012

Slims Fab Shovel for Standard Cycles Josh

This is Standard Josh s "SIMI SHOVEL" he aquired this bike in simi valley ca and someone did some jenky mods in its past,however Josh can see through the bullshit and knows how this BIG INCH Shovel can be a diamond that was once rough! He came in and I first noticed the abombination of a hardtail someone attempted fab on,sooo I cut it of and reproduced the paughco style axle plates and hung a strait hardtail on it..(check out the BEFORE shot i posted here with the primed rear section). Then stripped and ornamented his rear fender which was once a front sporty fender.I then built him a sissy to his spec with 1/2 inch square bar,I fabbed the tank with Josh s supplied parts,and finally Built him pipes Long and High.Watch for Standard Cycles Booth at THE HIPPY KILLER HODOWN and say whats up to JOSH, Thanks for checkin out my work..Next to my Familly it is My Life.My work I take very seriously and I am always striving to improve everyday and learn new things,Keeping Quality high is my Goal,Slim 951 217 8814


  1. SLIM
    its always a blast having you in my corner
    thanks again for the stellar job!

  2. nioe tank work. Your welds are looking really good and those sky high pipes are sick.

  3. Josh's derake Shovel is one of my favorite bikes. Great to see another wicked machine in the works.

  4. love the bike, love the bars, can you do me a set.