Saturday, February 4, 2012

Slimsfab dave wells sporty

This is Dave Wells Ironhead,He has been here to the fab farm before for the hardtail and all the attatched goodies including sissy bar,oil bag,handle bars,battery tray,and wheel spacing.This time he wanted to finish the fab,which included frisco d sporty tank,nice tall seat pan,cut python pipes,and PM caliper on the rear( fabbed the mount for the brake and clearanced it). He is now ready for polish, wiring ,and paint..... Then ride the thing!!! sooo many people get carried away with the build and forget, THE BIKE IS BUILT TO RIDE!!!! SO FUCKING RIDE!!! make it clean and comfortable,THIS AINT A FASHION SHOW GENTLEMEN!!! That is unless it is? Slim 951 217 8814

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