Friday, November 2, 2012

slimsfab tank for Trever

This is a double dish tank I fabbed for Trever.It started life as a mustang styled tank.The bike it is going on his the xs650 pictured here.I also fabbed the pipes and 2 to 1 intake that drops down under the seat area to "fill in the hole" that is often left open on xs 650s.I just completed a tastefull set of bars he designed for the build I will soon post.All of the fabrication in thes
e photos were Trever designed...I just did the fabrication to make his thoughts reality.SLIM 951 217 8814 Thanks for the work Trever


  1. Slim, you have a totally unique feel for things man, your mind's eye is yours and yours alone, the inlet, the uber narrow front end, the axed tanks, pipes, bla, bla, bla . . . utterly you. Keep thinkin outside the square.

  2. How well does the 2-1 intake work?