Monday, November 5, 2012

Slimsfab sportster engine with bigtwin trans frame build

 This is dereks sportster. it is a 1000 cc 1980 ironhead engine fitted with a early cam cover and cams to accept a early magneto.The trans is early bigtwin,connected via belt drive. He supplied the drive train and a hardtailed sporty frame(not hardtailed by me). I did some adjusting and a little fab to make it work(actually alot) and he also wanted the front to look as if it were a little wish bone. so take a look, I split the lowerhalf of the headstock and narrowed it keeping his numbers untouched...bringing the tubes close together allowing me to make wishbone style tubes! I also fabbed the oil bag with a built in stashtube see the cap I cut in the lathe I am holding.The oil bag holds 5 quarts to aid with cooling by volume. Thank you for the work Derek. Ride like Hell bro,   SLIM 951 217 8814


  1. Killer job! Derek, you're stoked, dude. Let's ride soon.


  2. Fuck yeah slim..your a good man!.... andreas!! cant wait till your fully recoverd... i gotta show you this rad secret spot near slims farm...youll trip balls.. when our bikes are built we will bust a mission!


  3. The separating on the motor and trans is interesting. Always interested in how that is done. Nice work Slim.

  4. Very cool project. What was involved in running the old cam cover on your 1980 cases? I want to run one on my 72 Sporty and everyone tells me it can't be done, but they won't tell me why.