Friday, September 28, 2012

slimsfab Pipes for Mike

This is Mikes ironhead.He came out to the farm needing some work...tank fab,pipes,seat pan,relocate coil and ignition switch etc. The tank and fender are already at the paint shop,so that is why you only get to see the pipes for now.In the second photo you can see his brake linkage rod,i heated and worked it so it would "hide" behind the pipe instead of blocking the clear view of the pipes.The small aluminum rod I used to get a pattern for the bend of the linkage.That rod is just a piece of aluminum tig rod.I like these late model Ironheads they are the last of the True V twin Dinosaurs,its a damn shame so many are leaving the states,if you have one Try to hord it for future generations to enjoy here on American soil. Slim 951 217 8814

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  1. Damn, the offset goose look is so fine, always a treat for the eyes in Slimtown.