Sunday, September 16, 2012

slimsfab sixth st scotts sporty

This is Scotts sporty,he is the owner of sixth st tatoo in corona.Some cinder block wall had a bad run in with him and the wall lost...needless to say the bike needed some repair.The frame was bent in multiple places and the rear motormount was literally in four pieces.After tig welding the rear mounts in place with a special jig we fabbed,the frame was swaped for a late model Ironhead frame and few mods were done to make it compatible.the frame was then hardtailed,forks shaved,and a formfitting horseshoe oil bag was next. I radiused a flat fender and fabbed up a sissy to scotts specs with a diamond shape made from 5/8 coldrolled up top.His tank, and bars were re installed and its off to get wired.See you on the road Scott,SLIM 951 217 8814


  1. The 2nd photo is a cool shot! ^◡^

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    Thanks! ^◡^

  2. did the lines an stance of this bike evo will take a beating. great work slim