Sunday, September 9, 2012

slimsfab club style visor mounting

This is "Deep Sea" Adams sporty,He came out to the farm for some fab.He rolled in on a sporty with ape hangers (24 inches) and wanted T bars with some push forward riserless.After fabbing a set up for him he asked if I could mount his "CLUB VISOR" and mount his headlight up higher fitting the visor position.That I did.Here are some photos of the journey, some shots are of mock up with only tack welds holding brackets in place.I am not nuts about this style, however I did enjoy fabbing up the set up,it came out super sturdy and functional!when Adam gets his cables and wiring organized it will be "nice". Slim 951 217 8814

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  1. So that has a name, "Club style"...Who knew? I wish I could get some cooler days so I could crawl under that van and not burn my ass off. I did manage to get it jacked up. If you wanted to volunteer to spend half a day helping get that thing done I would furnish a nice bar b que for you and your little family. I'm sure your too busy and the gas out here is nuts...nevermind