Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Street Sweeper

Every day is like friday! My van is rollin again and this shit eases the nerves! When you work seven days a week,friday night is like a vacation! A cold PBR hot carne on the grill,a bike to thrash or my van to flog!Diggin life and lovin the freedom we have,Us AMERICANS are very wastefull in our culture especialy with our crazy toys, choppers,race cars, show cars,drag boats,you name it and we will blow money to do it or have it! live true, RED,WHITE,and BLUE!!! SLIM


  1. Slim that just Fucking Rules
    I'm coming to AZ soon lets ride man!

  2. Fuck yeah!

    Bring it by Slim, we'll kill some PBRs and q' some dead animal.

  3. this fucking rules! keep hanging them wheels!!