Monday, March 22, 2010

Arthurs 85 ironhead

This is 818 Arthurs 85 iron thats right the last fuckin year! Even the frame carries evo style! looking through the pics you can see what an abortion the rear section of frame was! the rest of the bike matched! after I hard tailed it I fitted a form fitting fender to it carefully mounting it to retain a tight look, then built him some sweet ass bars,and a tank to match! I am currently working on the oil bag and hookin up a 21 front! hope ypu like the pics,and no I dont really give a fuck if they are sideways or what the fuck ever,I give a fuck about IMPORTANT things such as BUYING AMERICAN, you should too! slim ,white and blue all day long!!!!!


  1. hay slim this shit kicks ass ,,,lance

  2. My bike is looking Fucken bad asss.
    Thanks Slim