Friday, November 20, 2009


What the hell, time to celebrate! Its friday again!!! Weeks just seem to go by like hours ,not days, These are some update pics of the streetsweepers progress! Shooting for mooneyes and The David Mann show I hope. These photos were taken in my front yard,"the Fab Farm" as I call it , many a good Ideas get put into reality right here in the redlands dirt! many might question my wording "good Idea" , I dont, as soon as you start questioning your own ideas ,then you dont end up doing them, THAT BLOWS,go home and cut something! If you find yourself in the so-cal area this saturday come on over and see mark and arie at the two wheel terrors release party in L.A.! look it up by google, TWO WHEEL TERRORS. SLIM


  1. Slim, I am working on the Chrysler on saturday, and if i can get it in working order, ill see about comin up, it would be good to see you dude, hope your safe and well and give your brother a hug for me!


  2. DAMN! You been busy Brudda, wish I was there. Got my tank at the striper, other than that been working my ass off. Hey, How you goann lower that front end? You could just lay the axle on a couple Firestone bags with a home made hairpin set up...just saying not say'n. Party on

  3. Slim!! your goin to kill it with this one !

    no fear to cut ! thats my boy ! keep it up.

    Big Scott

  4. When you bringing that van back to Long Beach? The swap meet's just not the same without it.