Friday, November 6, 2009

jkj sporty frame slimsfab

JKJ here is your hardtailed frame , thank you for the bizz! check out the rest of the blog for more photos, ones that are sideways too!!! SLIM


  1. Looks good Slim..hope all is well man..I am going to show the chopper class students your stuff they'll dig your bikes!

  2. Mr. Bass thank you for your time. I have great respect for you and what you do for todays youth! I have been highly influenced by my auto shop teach in high school, and I know your students will take some of you into their lives as well! I take my work very personal and if more of todays youth can be molded in that manner we can overide our nations deficit one person at a time!!! Thanks for your time Teach!!, SLIM

  3. Cool man your ruling it I'll look ya up when I come o AZ this April.
    I'll have updates on my shit here if you want to see some of the projects we got going