Wednesday, November 4, 2009

slimsfab sporty tank

Middle of the week is here and there is no sign of slowing!!Tanks, Bars, Hardtails, and Switchboxes ! Here you see a tank (sporty)that has been narrowed 2", a new floor installed with a shallow frisco style tunnel,sewer style filler with a wassel repro cap, and some swirly ornamentation I felt like adding! This tank I built for this cool cat Hugo at T&H motorcycle shop in Pacoima Ca (in the san fernando valley) it is going on his Ironhead project which he is doing an A-1 chop job on!! well Im going back to my favorite place in the world,back to choppin! I cant figure out which is more fun, choppin, or ridin???? They both kick ass!!! stay true RED,WHITE ,and BLUE! , SLIM


  1. Damn Slim that is fucking choice.

  2. Slim as always A F'ing mazing
    love the tanks.
    Go man Go!!