Sunday, November 8, 2009

slimsfab bars

Hey happy sunday!!! these are some bars I carved out the other morning for triumph George, he picked the curved style! I put in a long day chopping on the van, 6 am till 345 the next morn it was sooo much fun I couldnt stop! It now has a full frame instead of a unibody, the mock-up engine and trans are in!!! I will be wrenching on it between chop jobs to hopefully make it to Mooneyes christmas and David Mann chopperfest! Pics will be posted tonight! This is what Im talkin about, where else in the world do they really do off the wall shit and not even give it a second thought,we are the baddest country on the planet!!! Red, White, and Blue all day long, SLIM


  1. agreed!!!!!!! killer bars man!!

  2. SLIM! Sell me the on's on top! See you in Slab City???