Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oscars pan

This is Oscar and his fuckin killer pan! My brother and I drove out to Oscars home today to deliver some ,two tanks that received some attention slimfab style, it was a little haul however we kicked it for a few had a couple of coca colas at his pad ,Thanks Oscar, then we headed into Oceanside to meet up with Mr. Wes D. for lunch at a greek joint, and to check out hardtailing a KZ 750 for him,Thanks for lunch!!! If you dont know Wes D. check out his photography at WesD photography!If you do know him then you know!! Not anyone anywhere could just go mobile for the day and eat and visit freinds, without worries!!! We in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA have an often overlooked gift we call FREEDOM!!! It was given to us in privelage form by our forfathers who fought for our freedom , so dont take this for granted!!!, live and die a proud AMERICAN! ,SLIM

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