Friday, October 16, 2009

750 h2

happy friday! This is just a pic to show you the reality of size, the kawasaki 750 triple is the engine sitting on the trike tyre ,the engine in the trike is a kawasaki s2 350 cc! the size difference is fucking shocking!! Most of us here in the good ol US of A have only heard of the mach 3 500 triples and the widow maker H2 750 models as we here are into the phrase "BIGGER is BETTER". the 750 in the pic above is one of my mock up 750s! thanks for spending time here, you could be in the garage!!! SLIM


  1. man the engine in the tryke is only a 230??? that thing must haul some serious ass even for that size!!!! long live 2 stroke!!!! and killer look goin on the new 750!!!

  2. my bad. 350 not 230. was thinkin about something else.