Monday, October 5, 2009

mikes shovel

This is Mike D, (the other Mike D) and his cone shovel, every month we hang out at the Long Beach Swap, and after a small caravan of people including Chris from Blue Collar Moto meet up at a joint called Joe Josts, we eat pickled eggs and throw a few of anything back! well while bullshitting about the meet , Mikes shovel became topic , he said he needed a kick in the ass to finish her, so it came over to my place. The bike was cool lookin, it had a 15"invader rear, a stretched sporty front end and a cool fender seat combo not attatched. This is what came of him bringing me random bitchin parts and them finding themselves in harmony on his bike! I am not a long bike guy however this project opened my eyes Mike! Thanx for the business( an honest days work for an honest days pay) the good ol AMERICAN way!!! SLIM...

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