Wednesday, October 28, 2009

asphalt squadron

This is Johnny Wolf and his Lean Mean Sporty!!! The HellBilly Deluxe! This bike has been re configured a few times, under the knife again it is!! Johnny has many cool very origional ideas!! We continue to work together on this cool bike, He dreams up the ideas and whatever he isnt tooled for I come over and we have a chop session over some PBRs. The tank, bars, and headlight bracket are SLIMS FAB!Watch for this bike kickin ass on the streets of Cali! for more stuff that Johnny does check his blog at Thanks for checkin out my shit ,LIVE AND DIE A PROUD AMERICAN !!! SLIM


  1. Where is the ribbed tire and Webber Carb?

    Great Blog Slim!

  2. Sadly I sold the weber for Justin on e-bay. Just like the rest of us he needs the cabbage, and I decided not to run it.

    These pix were taken the day before I installed the ribbed tire.

  3. Johnny and his bike be great.

  4. Speaking of sporty, i bought an ironhead a couple months back and am lookin for someone to go through the motor and button her up... I live in berdoo, so if ya know anyone...
    Dig the work

  5. Slim, how much would it cost to get a tank chopped like johnny's on this sporty?