Friday, December 7, 2012

slimsfab "NANOOK" drag bike

 This is a machine I built some time ago.I named it Nanook after one of my favorite childhood drag cars aa/fa (double A fuel altered).These cars were unpredictable,wild as shit,and largely overpowered,Just my style! This bike is powered by a yamaha dt 400 two stroke,the fuel tank holds @1 1/2 quarts of fuel and is located under the seat.It is mag fired and has a healthy mikuni carb. The ride is wild and once it gets around 100 mph it is unpredictable.This bike hardly leaves my street anymore,If it gets dragged, its on my street! Thats why i am sharing these shots(for those who are not familliar with my old builds).This bike was featured in the Horse backstreet choppers mag as well as Renegade mag years ago.Slim 951 217 8814  One thing is for sure....OUR FREEDOM TO CREATE! I DONT THINK OUR COUNTRY IS OUTLAWING THAT SHIT YET!!

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