Wednesday, December 12, 2012

slimsfab mods for Rick

 This is Ricks bike he stopped in for a tank ,fender,sissy,and seat pan all the way up.This bike is powered by a twin cam H.D. It is a long distance rider on a regular basis. On this bike he wanted the tank low slung.and narrowed one inch.As you can see I replaced the floor,it is well as the tunnel for sturdiness.The sissy is bent from 5/8 inch cold finish steel.He was after a more classic look,There will be a few more changes but it is well on its way.Thanks for stopping in Rick.....SLIM 951 217 8814

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  1. Tasty lookin stuff Slim . . . I've still got the issue of BSC with Nanook featured, blew my mind at the time, still does . . . was the triple at the Mann gig last weekend ? Speaking of mindblowing.