Monday, December 3, 2012

slimsfab fender for JT

 This is JTs shovel ,it runs perfect and does some serious traveling.He came out to the farm just after adding his super narrow 21x 1.60 front rim to his H.D. hub.It was laced by David Moore,with buchannan spokes.With this done JT being the guy that wants "balance" to his builds,he brought me out a fender and some odds and ends for me to narrow....This is how he left,with a fender tightly fitted to the tire with 1/4 inch clearance on the sides and mounted it solid between his wide front end.Thank you JT,it is always a pleasure,SLIM 951 217 8814


  1. Saw that bike at Bo Huff last weekend, snapped a couple pix of it. Thing's rad!

  2. Awesome fender work.