Sunday, October 14, 2012

This is Joeys evo rigid.He dropped by the fab farm for a 41mm super narrow front end conversion and ended up leaving with Narrow trees,shaved lower fork legs,some riser less hadlebars,a formfitting rear fender, a modified lowbrow peanut tank. The tank received a late model harley fill bung to give him a variety of caps to choose from and the lower part of the tank was cut where needed to clear the evo rocker boxes then sheetmetal was hammered out to fit then welded in to give it an extra low stance.The tank and fender were then powdercoated saddle brown,ready for pinstripe. between the forks is one of the wheels I sell here at the farm it is a 21 inch by 1.60 aluminum rim from a specific japanese aplication that i machine the hub narrower to give you the super narrow spool look without the super huge fucking price,I use your axle and cut it in the lathe to fit the new wheel to your bike which also saves you from buying pricy bearings!!FUCKIN A!! To me what you ride is an expression that represents you as a FREE AMERICAN,here in AMERICA we do pretty much whatever the hell we wanna do...hell,you do something bad you even get a roof over your head and free meals(in jail).SO if your thinkin of makin your bike more your style,just fuckin do it.SLIM 951 217 8814

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