Monday, April 2, 2012

Slimsfab 41 mm narrowglide for Never readys own Lucky

Here is some shots of luckys sporty. This bike was dangerously ground clearance challenged.I removed his super short springer and installed one of my SLIMS FAB NARROW TREES built for 41mm wide glide legs,shoved a little longer fork tubes in em and shaved the lower legs to make em clean.With the front end longer and sufficient ground clearance,then came mounting his fender strong( three places ),built a nice sissy from 5/8" solid bar mounted his plate and light on it,fabbed him a frisco style tank and crowned the cap,fabbed him a seat pan,Bent him up some clean rabbit ears,and fixed his serious chain alighnment issue (from the previous owner/builder?). since I already fabbed him the pipes he is ready to do a mild shakedown run and rip ol rusty apart for paint!!! Thanks to Lucky and all the NEVER READYS for the work!, SLIM 951 217 8814 Contact me for your set of 41mm NARROW GLIDE TREES, they are good in stock.

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