Thursday, August 4, 2011

Slims fab shop van

The new .... SHOP VAN!!! what to do,What to doooo???? finally got a new shitbox to ruin. Any one can restore, it takes a real m/f to chop one. Im fuckin sick of seeing these so called customs with no metal work or LITTLE fabrication, it takes more than paint and vintage bolt-on bullshit (that anyone with money can buy)to build and drive or ride a TRUE CUSTOM !!! Please for fuck sake ruin something of great value it becomes even more important,try it youll see.... we live in a country where we are able to do shit like this.TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE, SLIM! AMERICA FUCK YEAH! 951 217 8814 slims fabrication


  1. Fuckin' A man! well said!

  2. just picked up a 1970 E-300, lookin for ideas....

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  4. Hey slim, shoot me an email when you get a minute. I have a car that needs to be awesome.


  5. Hey slim, im a big fan of your work and i really like your style when it comes to vans. if any or your customers are looking for a solid driver to start with i happen to be selling one. im located in Vegas. here she is

    for more info they can go here
    i know these old panels are getting hard to find. hopefully this helps someone out. if this isnt kosher feel free to delete it im just trying to help someone out