Monday, August 1, 2011

Slims fab Rubens knucklehead

This is Rubens knucklehead, if you have been on my blog before you saw this a few or more blogs back, the frame was chopped in a way different than most V L bigtwin deals. The bottom of the frame is four fingers low to the ground and is de raked! Ruben is an extremely good builder with an eye for artistic detail different from anyone ive ever come into contact with,we got the honor of doing his framework on the old V L frame to shoehorn the big knuckle in, have a look! His first ride was from lawndale cali to barona cali a three hour truck with a few loose shifter bolts! yeee haaaw!! Thanks again for the work, SLIM,....... If you are new to my blog please see older posts at the bottom of each page it goes back for YEARS!


  1. Bitchen SLIM...great job on that frame,,crazy cool knuck

  2. Great build SLIM. This is Doug from Sporty Parts. I am at home the next two weeks if you are in the OC, give me a call and see some of the stuff I talked to you about.